नेपाल सार्वजनिक क्याम्पस संघ

Nepal Public campus Association

History and Information

The Nepal Public Campus Association (NPCA) operates as an independent nonprofit umbrella organization representing Community Colleges across Nepal. Legally registered under the Social Service Act of the Government of Nepal, NPCA was founded in 2047 BS and presently stands as the voice of 600 community colleges and their faculty members throughout the nation. Governed by a 42-member elected executive team, headed by the Chairperson, serving a term of three years, NPCA serves as an entity unifying the diverse interests of colleges, faculty, staff, and students, aiming to address issues concerning academic policies, educational reforms, and the working conditions of its staff.

NPCA’s primary responsibilities encompass advancing the reputation of community colleges, advocating for their rights and interests, and ensuring the sustainability of these institutions. Public campuses in Nepal, being government-managed educational establishments offering higher education, including undergraduate and graduate programs, serve a wide spectrum of students. These campuses prioritize providing quality education partially supported by governmental resources and funding.

The formation of the Nepal Public Campus Association appears intrinsically linked to the development and structuring of public educational institutions in Nepal. Its inception likely aimed to champion the collective interests, needs, and challenges of these public educational establishments. The association likely endeavors to advocate for improved resources, educational standards, funding, and policies that benefit these public campuses and, in turn, the student body they cater to.

The core function of the association revolves around advocating for the rights, welfare, and sustainable growth of community colleges and their faculty dispersed across Nepal.

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